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I"A songwriter of extraordinary depth with a voice to match.”
Nic Harcourt / KCRW “Morning Becomes Eclectic”​

“Bird York's songs subtly reveal those things that rise out of the corners of the night: Memory, reverie, desire, and the emotions that lie cloaked when the sun is high. The melodic grace, affecting honesty, and elegant atmosphere of Bird's music will lead the listener to an inescapable conclusion: This musician is a rara avis."
- Chris Morris / Billboard Magazine

“Wicked Little High” top pick of the week.

 - Newsweek

“…Sultry and sensual.”
- Liane Hansen / NPR (Featured Artist, Weekend Edition)


​“A gem. Bird takes flight with songs that matter and a captivating voice. Its smart, sophisticated and incredibly sexy. "
- Chris Douridas / KCRW “New Ground”

“...The sultry singer proves she’s a thoughtful songwriter to be taken seriously.”
- Larry Katz / The Boston Herald

“ York is a pleasant surprise.  She’s made a record aimed at grown-up listeners delivered in a smoky voice that’s perfect for late-night listening. “
J. Poet / Paste Magazine

“Norah Jones and Sarah McLachlan fans, pay close attention. York knows how to fuse mellow with soulful, drawing her audience in with simple arrangements and mesmerizing vocals.  ... She possesses a voice of smoky enchantment.”
- Courtney Greenwood / Women Who Rock Magazine

"...York's pensive emotional lyrics are some of the most beautiful, well crafted verses to come down the pike in a long time. York's lyrics capture vivid poignant flashes in still life like a Diane Arbus slide show."
Tom Farrell / Music Biz Magazine

“Melodic, rhythmic, and soulful, the album takes listeners on an emotional journey of self-discovery and affirmation.”
Peter Galvin / The Advocate

​“ This entire album is a haunting melodic dream told by one of the finest unrecognized singer/songwriters to arise from the Los      Angeles music basin. York manages to burn a hole in our hearts with her soft velvet-hour voice and her steaming inflections. “
Michael Mollura / Music Connection Magazine

“York’s bewitching, earthy vocals are, simply stated-genuinely beautiful.”
Steve Lea / Face Magazine


​"A wonderful musical talent. … She has a wonderful, deep, soulful voice and the playing and arrangements on the record are lush and beautiful."
Jeff Raspe / WHTG-FM's The Underground

"She's got some of the sexiest, smokiest pipes I've heard in quite a while. Her music is sweet without being sappy, mysterious without being sullen, and haunting without being depressing.  Sometimes I come across an artist who's so talented and great to listen to, it makes me feel sorry for the next artist I review, because this artist is definitely a tough act to follow."
Erik Deckers /

​“Melodic, rhythmic, and soulful, the album brings listeners on an emotional journey of self-discovery and affirmation.  No mere pop joyride, Wicked Little High is ultimately a testament to the power of the personal spirit over adversities both large and small.”
F. Daniel Kent / Inside Out Nashville

"Melding the downtempo groove of Trip-Hop with the guitars of a modern rock band and a vocalist who might represent the less angry side of P.J. Harvey, Bird York could easily find its way into the mainstream."
Will L. /

​" ...A commanding opus. York (has)...a poetic sensibility that is diamond sharp in it’s perceptions. Hook laden songs like “Open Wider” are deceptively complex. Her voice is compelling and exotic."
Scott Barker / Tucson Magazine

“It is an excellent album.  She will be on my playlist with several songs from this
Joe Vincent /JRRI Radio Ireland

​“York’s Wicked Little High can probably best be described as a subtly seductive joint venture between exquisitely thoughtful, captivating lyrics and raw silk vocals. … Listening to Bird York is like listening to a master storyteller sing meditations on real life and real emotions and that is perhaps what is most enchanting about Wicked Little High.”
Duane Wells /

“Well-worth discovering…seductive melodies adorned with sharp, world-weary lyrics.”
Jesse DeLeon / Corpus Christi Caller

"Bird is a brilliant singer-songwriter. Her songs are like ground glass in honey; and even after you know that, she just keeps tempting you until you swallow. I'm an addict.”

Paul Haggis / Oscar-winning writer/director of Crash

“An amazing singer.”
Aaron Sorkin / Creator/executive producer, West Wing, Newsroom


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